JPM Resources is headquartered in Evansville, IN. and specializes in energy equipment systems, steel structure design/ erection, petroleum construction, and petroleum service offerings.  JPM Resources provides complete site development/ construction capabilities in addition to energy systems installation for our clients across the Midwest.  Our full service maintenance offering encompasses a service area spreading across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Our clients throughout the Midwest rely on us for complete petroleum/ energy station service, from gas pump maintenance and underground fuel tank monitoring to emergency situations.  Our team of certified mechanical, electrical, technical, and excavation crews are ready to install or repair industry manufactured tanks, lines, and electronic equipment.


We are committed to providing superior service, products, innovation, and solutions in all markets that we serve to benefit our customers, employees, and investors.


Steel Structure Design/ Erection, Petroleum Construction, Above Ground and Underground Storage Tank Upgrades, Fuel Dispensing and POS Systems and Management Systems, Fleet Fueling Solutions, Oil / Water Separators, Loading Racks and Bulk Fueling Equipment